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Natural lighting strengthens and accelerates the process of healing. Sunlight exposure improves mood, reduces stress, and facilitates relaxation in both patients and staff. Shorter hospital stays also ensure cost-savings for patients and for healthcare systems.

CoeLux® ’s business lighting solutions completely transform the interiors of hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers to bring pieces of Los Angeles, CA sky inside. For the first time, the traumatic experience of a hospital stay turns into a parenthesis of life in the open air for those who cannot walk in a park.

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Hospitality / Recreation Areas

Imagine the sky in a room—and natural light in places without any large windows. CoeLux® gives color depth and perspective in a way that only the sun can. Even in fully shielded places and in cities where sunshine can hide (like Seattle, WA), our home skylights will illuminate your Las Vegas, NV rooms like a window is open.

CoeLux® applications increase the sense of wellbeing and relaxation in all types of hotels, SPAs, social spaces (lounges, clubs, restaurants, bars, cinemas).

The hospitality industry that switches to CoeLux® in its internal spaces doubles the ability to succeed and drastically changes the perception of pleasantness surrounding its architecture. Illuminate a suite with the true blue of the Mediterranean sky or light up a terrace with no outdoor space. With CoeLux®, it’s possible.

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Natural lighting increases the pleasure of shopping and attractive appearance of products on display. A mall flooded with an artificial skylight such as that of an open sky? With a CoeLux® lighting system it is now a reality, which not only brings natural lighting to retail spaces that do not have it but it can also bring it to those darker spots as opposed to the ones that have external openings: no perceptual difference.

Natural light attracts more visitors, prolonging the stay of the customer and therefore, the possibility of purchase as well as providing more comfort and beauty to the work environment.

Each retail space turns unique with a CoeLux® business lighting solution, kissed by the sun 24/7 even in cloudy Seattle, WA weather.

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The development of architectural culture in the world, inspired by optimization criteria between built volumes and open spaces, places at its core natural lighting and radiation. However, it is not always possible to cater to natural light in the same way to all the interiors: this is what makes up the innovative and unique CoeLux® system. It replicates - in small perimeters, fractals situations and to large cubic totally devoid of light or not sufficiently lit - sunlight in favour of a lasting, substantial and profitable exploitation of buildings in every part of their inner surface.

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Office Space

Daylight increases concentration, interest, and proactivity; it decreases stress and conflict, which is especially amplified when climatic conditions are not particularly favorable.

Offices and workplaces are often illuminated with unpleasant lighting which is sometimes is not distributed equally to all workstations.

But with CoeLux® business lighting solutions, each workspace becomes more inclusive, healthy, and democratic. You’ll turn on the well-being of the sky and the sun in any perimeter of your Seattle, WA indoor facility.

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Exposure to light is, at all latitudes, the first quality that enhances a residential property. However, rapid urbanization and, often, the need to live in underground solutions prevent a daily relationship with natural light, denying any relationship with the sky. CoeLux® brings back daylight and the color of the sky to your home. Turn on the sky with a CoeLux® home lighting solution in your Seattle, WA home. You just need a ceiling to own your own sun.

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The major transit hubs (airports, large stations, subways) and many public infrastructures in large urban developments of the twenty-first century don’t always guarantee a steady or sufficient relationship with natural light. Public spaces often lack openness because they are underground or because the open zones are interrupted and lost in the crossing of massive indoor volumes.

Millions of people experience these places, as many as others who work there. By having installed different samples of this innovative system in airports, transit areas and cultural hubs, CoeLux® artificial skylights can transform the experience of these spaces, turning them into a natural place, where the sun and the color of the sky join and improve their perception and use. From Las Vegas, NV to Seattle, WA, the science of CoeLux® brings sunshine and a blue sky where it’s missing.