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CoeLux HT 25



CoeLux HT 25

CoeLux HT25   Credits To Nava Rapacchietta 1
CoeLux HT25   Credits To Nava Rapacchietta 2
CoeLux HT25   Credits To Nava Rapacchietta 3
CoeLux HT25   Credits To Nava Rapacchietta 4
CoeLux HT25  D 5

About This Product

The new CoeLux HT 25 gives you the freedom to create a dramatic space. Its distinctive 25 cm thickness is suitable for recessed installations even in small heights, in plasterboard false ceilings or modular ones. It can be installed in different compositions and the subtle design of the frame facilitates the creation of semi-continuous windows, creating the perception of large portions of sky.

Moving around the space below the system, the homeowner will see a large portion of sky and by approaching and entering the emitted spot the sun will appear, slightly diffused and not very dazzling. The optical design helps to create the sun perceived at infinite distance and the observer, moving in space, will have the impression that the sun is always positioned above their head.


CoeLux HT 25

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