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CoeLux 45 LC

0002 CoeLux45LC 1000 600
0003 CoeLux45LC 1000 600
0011 CoeLux45LC 1000 600
0012 CoeLux45LC 1000 600
0014 CoeLux45LC 1000 600
Coelux 60 HC   Austria Ski Cellar Skiraum
Coelux 60 HC Details 02
Coelux 60 HC Details 03
Coelux 60 HC Moon 01

About This Product

COELUX® IS AN OPTICAL SYSTEM BASED ON NANO TECHNOLOGY that artificially reproduces the natural light and visual appearance of the sun and sky. They offer an incredible opportunity for indoor architecture and design by creating the sensation of infinite space.
For lovers of the Mediterranean basin, there is the CoeLux® 45 family, featuring a 45-degree solar-elevation angle. The family guarantees an ideal balance of light and shade, thus enhancing the shapes and volumes that have flourished in outdoor architecture in the past. 

CoeLux® Moon demonstrates how the ability of artificial light can generate a calm atmosphere and evoke relaxation. The comfort produced by CoeLux® Moon is powered by the same CoeLux® systems used in sunlight reproduction. However, the intensity of the light is subdued to mimic the tranquality of the cosmos.

The CoeLux® 45 LC is designed for ceiling installation. The product requires the minimum width above the false ceiling among current CoeLux® solutions, and features an aperture of approx. 0.5 sqm (apprx. 5 sqft).


CoeLux 45 SQUARE

CoeLux 45 SQUARE (1)
CoeLux 45 SQUARE (2)
CoeLux 45 SQUARE (3)
CoeLux 45 SQUARE (4)

About This Product

CoeLux artificial windows and skylights reproduce the true effect of the light and space of the outdoors. The products faithfully mimic natural sunlight, a clear blue sky and its infinite depth. One distinct “sun” bursts down into the scene through the opening, either on the ceiling or on the wall. Objects shine in the exceptional light and cast sharp and blue-toned shadows, colored by the sky.
For those who prefer the dramatic effect of tropical light, the CoeLux® 45 SQUARE offers a solution for a skylight featuring a 60-degree solar-elevation angle. Due to the vertical-type of sun beam direction, the product guarantees the highest contrast, the sharpest shadows and the minimum level of glare among current CoeLux® solutions.

The CoeLux® 45 SQUARE is designed for wall installation in areas with ceilings as low as 2.7 meters or below. The CoeLux® 45 SQUARE creates a make-believe square window with an area of approx. 1 sqm (approx. 10 sqft) and is the perfect business lighting solution. Contact us to transform your windowless spaces in San Francisco, CA and beyond.


CoeLux 45 HC

0001 CoeLux45HC 1000 600 (1)
0021 CoeLux45HC 1000 600
0030 CoeLux45HC 1000 600

About This Product

The CoeLux mission is to foster an innovative solution for the lighting, architecture and real-estate industries aiming at creating the perception of an extraordinarily wide space, by means of a genuine physical reproduction of optical atmospheric phenomena indoors. The unique CoeLux lighting systems reproduce the true effect of natural sunlight entering through the opening in the integrated ceiling, with a realistic sun perceived at infinite distance surrounded by a clear, deep blue sky.

The CoeLux® 45 HC is designed for ceiling installations. The product offers the largest skylight among current CoeLux® solutions, having an aperture of approx 1.5 sqm (approx 16 sqft).


CoeLux 45 LC     |     CoeLux 45 SQUARE     |      CoeLux 45 HC

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